The Perfect Pay Plan System

About Our Perfect Pay Plan System

SWA Supreme wealth Alliance Ultimate Pay Plan Presentation Part 1

SWA Supreme wealth Alliance Ultimate Pay Plan Presentation Part 2

In the network marketing world, it is a fact that there is not one single pay plan that is perfect. However, you can combine two (2) of the best pay plans with the best features to come up with the…


Why is it the perfect pay plan system? It’s because the pay plans in the P3S are the 2 best and most popular pay plans on the internet today. Individually, they are super fantastic. But combined, they are perfect! Together, they give you everything you desire in a network marketing compensation plan.You see, individually, each of the pay plans in the P3S has a superior feature, but it also has a huge weakness. However, this huge weakness of one pay plan is the biggest strength of its partner pay plan, and vice versa… that’s why it becomes a perfect system when they are in tandem with each other.

For example, the 2 x 2 Matrix pay plan provides very quick ‘return on investment’ or ROI potential. With just a few people in your network, you can earn double or triple your initial entry fee. However, the weakness of the 2 x 2 is that it has very small residual or infinitypotential. As your network grows bigger in a 2 x 2, your chances of completing a new matrix, thus your chances of earning further, gets smaller and smaller. That’s why we combined the 2 x 2 with a 3-Up Pass Up pay plan, because the pass up is the pay plan that has the largestinfinity potential. The weakness of the pass up pay plan, on the other hand, is that you need to ‘pass’ some of your initial referrals ‘up’ to your referrer, but this weakness is compensated by the 2 x 2′s spillover and referral retention features.Examine the major strengths and weaknesses of each of the pay plans in P3S, and the tremendous benefits that result when they are partnered with each other…

The major weaknesses of one pay plan are the major strengths of the other. When joined together,the weaknesses of each are eliminated and you get the very best of both worlds!Joined together in the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System, you now have everything you’ve dreamed of in a network marketing business…

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ACT upon this NOW, and your dreams may come true even sooner than you ever thought.


My recommendation: Get in before everybody else does!!!



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